Stop feeling frustrated and find FUN and CONNECTION in your blended family!

Discover how to strengthen relationships and increase the love in your home, with just a few simple shifts!

Hey, I'm Brittney

I'm a Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, & Educator, and I can help you navigate all the complexities of blended family life!

1:1 Coaching

In our personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, I provide dedicated support and guidance tailored to your unique journey in navigating blended family dynamics. We'll address your specific challenges, from co-parenting conflicts to establishing healthy boundaries, fostering connection within your family unit, finding more peace in your circumstances, or any other family issue that you'd like help with.

Group Coaching

Welcome to The Village, your blended family support hub. Find understanding, connection, and guidance as you navigate the complexities of blended family life. Join us for insights, support, and camaraderie as we journey together through the ups and downs of family life.

Client Testimonials

Grab some of my free resources!

13 Significant Steps To Blending A Family

Navigate the rewarding path of blending families with our guide, '13 Significant Steps to Blending Your Family.' Tailored for moms in blended households, this resource provides insightful steps and valuable advice to foster harmony, communication, and a successful journey toward creating a strong, united family unit.

14 Fun Ideas For Family Bonding

Strengthen the ties that bind with our resource, '14 Fun Ideas For Family Bonding,' designed exclusively for blended families. Elevate your family time with engaging activities tailored to foster deeper connections and create lasting memories in your unique journey together.

10 Ways to Prevent Mom/Bonus Mom Burnout

Rediscover balance and well-being with our guide, '10 Ways to Prevent Mom/Bonus Mom Burnout.' Designed for moms in blended families, this resource offers essential insights and practical strategies to ensure self-care and resilience in the midst of busy family life.

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