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we help you find joy in the journey of

blended family life.

Not enough people are talking about the challenges of blended family life...

Are you facing challenges in family, such as as co parenting with a difficult ex partner, difficulty creating meaningful connections in your new family unit, a lack healthy boundaries, or struggles with different parenting styles?

Do you find it challenging to navigate this big life change or trust your own intuition in your new role? I understand that starting on a journey of forming a new family unit can be exciting, intimidating, and challenging. You can trust that you're in the right hands with me.

In our coaching sessions, I bring not only expertise as both an educator and a professional coach, but also a deep sense of empathy and compassion to our relationship. You can count on me to be non-judgmental and warm-hearted, providing you with unwavering support and encouragement. I've walked my own path of blending and healing, and I know firsthand the power of transformation. I'm dedicated to helping you navigate your unique journey.

I'm Brittney Phillips.

A Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, & Educator Who's Walked the Same Path You're On

As someone who has been in this blended family world for over a decade, I intimately understand the exhilarating highs, the challenging lows, the sweet victories, and the intense moments when doubt creeps in.

My own journey began as a young, single mom with big dreams and new hope when I found love again after a rough divorce.

At the same time, I also grappled with the fear of repeating old patterns in a toxic marriage, the weight of my new role as a stepparent, and so many added pressures imposed by others.

It was in those moments that I learned three important lessons: blended families don't work the same as 'nuclear families', the importance of filling our own cups, and the value of having a tribe of people who 'get it'.

I can help you navigate all the complexities of blended family life!

We had to figure it out the hard way,

and I want it to be easier for you!

So I'm here to show you how.

"Blended families aren't broken, they can be a huge blessing!"

I saw the statistics for divorce rates for blended families... almost 70% when both partners come in to the relationship with kids from a previous relationship. Then I realized that 40% of families in the United States in are stepfamilies. It became very apparent that this huge group of people weren't getting effective support.

I quickly realized that my family wasn't the only family who was struggling with this huge transition! We nearly became part of that staggering statistic when we were at the peak of frustration.

After we did everything the 'hard way', lived in frustration for years, and made countless mistakes, I finally learned that there are actually proven strategies that work for stepfamilies.

Once we finally figured out our family flow, I got the strongest feeling in my heart that the challenges, frustrations, and heartache we went through weren't just for my experience but that I could help others.

The work I do with my clients now is exactly what I WISH my family could have had access to those first several years, as we were working to find our family groove. The tools and strategies that would have saved us years of frustration and overwhelm.

Now that we've been blending for over a decade, I can confidently say that my family is my greatest gift! The way that we grew and learned from one another is priceless and we now have such strong connections.

I am passionate about helping others find that hope and reality for their family as well!



I love traveling with my family creating new memories, experiencing different places, and spending tons of quality time with them is heavenly to me.


I'm not joking, I literally have a mini cow on my dream wish list (I'll just need a way bigger yard first! LOL)


I secretly wish I could live in a musical and express myself through singing and dance without people thinking I'm crazy.



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