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Increase your confidence as an individual and in your role as stepparent.
Strengthen relationships and connections with stepchildren, your partner, and the family as a whole.
Manage Conflicts
With Peace
Learn best ways to deal with conflicts in co-parenting, with your partner, and with the kids.
What can you GAIN from coaching?

Communicate better w/family & co-parents

Increase your confidence as a stepmom

Manage conflicts peacefully

Avoid or recover from stepmom burnout

Have stronger relationships with stepchildren and stepfamily

Understand the unique challenges of stepfamily life

Focus on your personal goals and values

Cope with stress and challenges effectively

Find peace and happiness, even if others don't change

I’m Brittney!

Brittney is a woman on a mission to empower blended families. With a heart that beats for helping moms in blended families, Brittney combines her personal experience, her education, and her coaching expertise to help these families thrive. Her approach is rooted in her values of faith, family, and fun, and she believes that by helping individuals strengthen their own sanity, spirituality, and stepfamily, they can create a ripple effect of positive change in their homes and communities.

As a certified life coach and stepparent coach, Brittney is committed to helping her clients find clarity, confidence, and joy. Drawing on her years of experience as a teacher and a blended family coach, Brittney is able to connect with her clients on a deep level, understanding the unique challenges they face and guiding them towards meaningful solutions. Through her online courses, 1:1 coaching, and hybrid group coaching, Brittney has already helped countless moms find peace, happiness, and success in their blended families.

But for Brittney, this work is not just a job - it's a calling. She has a vision to impact the lives of 1,000 blended families and help them beat the odds of divorce. By combining her passion, her expertise, and her unwavering commitment to her clients, Brittney is on her way to making that vision a reality.

Watch the video to get to know more of her story.

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What does a life coach/stepparent coach do exactly?

Just like a coach for business or sports, I will help you grow by analyzing your current situation and possible challenges or frustrations. We will work together to put an action plan in place using your unique situation and research based evidence that will help you work towards the goals and outcomes that you desire for your family. 

Will this still benefit me if my partner does not want to be involved?

This situation is actually quite common. The short answer is yes! Even if only one partner wants to participate, you will still be able to see lots of growth and gain a lot of understanding. You’re encouraged to discuss what you learn and share it with your partner outside of our sessions.

We are doing pretty well as a blended family, will this still benefit us?

Coaching is for anyone who wants to improve performance! If I’m a decent athlete but want to perform even better, then I’d get a coach. The same is true for your family. You may be coping but can see potential for improvement or would like to strengthen certain aspects of it, then coaching is a great fit for you!

How long will I need to commit to working with the coach? 

Best results are seen with consistent efforts, so my 1:1 clients commit to a minimum of 6 months. I'm happy to meet longer than that if you would like the support after our 6 month agreement expires.

What are your qualifications?

On top of my life experience as a step mom, adoptive mom, and biological mom, I am a certified life coach, certified stepparent coach, and a licensed educator. 

How often would we meet?

I typically meet with my 1:1 clients via Zoom twice a month for about 45 minutes and check in with them on the off weeks. I recommend 12 weeks of 1:1 coaching along with the educational courses and workbook that you can watch on your own.

What packages do you offer?

I offer a 1:1 coaching package which includes educational courses and a workbook to teach you stepfamily strategies. This package offers a lot of flexibility with individual support to guide you through your stepfamily transformation.

Will coaching
Stepparent coaching will benefit you if:

You’re currently in or looking to be part of a blended family

You’re feeling inadequate in your role as stepparent

You’d like a stronger family connection

You want your marriage to beat the odds of divorce and thrive

You can see a gap in where you currently are and where you want to be

You’re willing to make changes and put forth effort

You want to turn your challenges into victories

You want to be your best self and feel respect

You want to accelerate your results

This is NOT a good fit for you if:

You’re looking for a “magic pill” where your life is changed immediately without making any changes or putting in any work.

You aren’t willing to look at your situation honestly

You have a current mental health condition. (I can help you with many things, but I am NOT a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Please see a trained provider if your condition currently affects your functionality)

Flexible Coaching Plans

Below are all my coaching pricing and sessions I have available as in person sessions or online sessions.

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40 Min Session
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40 Min Session
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60 Min Session
60 Min Session
Save $20
60 Min Session
Save $80
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What our clients Say

"Throughout my life, I have had many counselors, seeing them for various reasons. Brittney really listened to my goals and I felt heard.  I have gained so much more working with her than I did with my previous counselors. The idea of looking forward, and not back, in our sessions allowed me to grow so much in my healing. Our sessions had a focus. She gave weekly homework - which I usually don't like to do, but did it and could immediately see that I gained so much focus and peace in my life. Working with Brittney as my life coach was wonderful. I continue to use the skills she taught and appreciate her patience and kindness. I have tools to lean on that Brittney shared in each session. I looked forward to my sessions with Brittney and am so grateful for her life coaching guidance and tools."

Debbie R.

"Brittney is a phenomenal coach. Her style is personable and empathetic. She has a rare combination of expertise and experience with blending families that is incredibly valuable. Over my sessions with Brittney, she provided very helpful and practical; research, statistics, exercises, advice, resources, recommendations, support and homework. The tools she gave me improved my marriage—our marital relationship is the best it's ever been. Learning from Brittney as a trained expert who also has walked this path saved me so much avoidable heartache and failure. She also inspired me to think about my career and family goals—which directly contributed to landing my dream job 5 years earlier than anticipated. Having Brittney as my life coach has accelerated my happiness and success. She's worth every penny and I'd recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone blending a family."

Stephanie C.

“I loved working with Brittney. She is very positive and catered her sessions to help me grow as a person. I loved how she was able to understand what was important to me and bring it to the forefront. She helped me to envision possibilities in my life in a way that I hadn't before. I definitely recommend working with her!”


"Thank you, Brittney! You thoughtfully answered all of my questions and had WONDERFUL solutions and caring responses. I came in thinking this one area was the only issue, you helped me realize that there are multiple ways to improve a situation empathetically. ALL of my relationships have improved. I did 8 sessions which was a GREAT way to get my family going in a better direction, and will continue to work with you when confusing situations arise, which we all know they will. Blending a family is hard work, but you helped me reframe my thinking and gave me tools to pull out when needed. Thank you so much!!"

Erica R.
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